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Celvin X | 07/19/2018

After a considerable time out of the limelight, veteran Dance producer Celvin X returns with his latest release “Frequency Curves.”Oozing with experience and energy, it is like he has never been away. He has effortlessly slipped back in to making hard, powerful beats and showcases his inimitable production style. In this exclusive interview, we catch you up with the man himself to learn more about his return to the scene, and how this tune came about.

What made you decide to choose the name “Frequency Curves?”

Celvin X: I came up with that name while producing. I experimented with different frequencies and that’s where the name for the track came from. The title is inspired by the changing frequencies of the track.

It’s a great release; can we expect more from you like this?

Celvin X: Of course, there are just a few tracks in the pipeline. On August 2, 2018 (with a slight delay) Naked Lunch Records will release the “Meister 45 EP”, which I produced together with my good friend DJ Link from Portugal. The EP will include remixes by A.Paul, Jon Connor and Robin Hirte. Furthermore, I’m currently talking to a label about a real bomb, I’ll tell you more about that at a later point in time.

You’ve been welcomed back in to the scene with open arms – how have you taken to the coverage from fans and the press?

Celvin X: I’m really happy to be back. It feels great to make music again and I’m thrilled to receive such a warm welcome from the press and fans.

You’ve explored different styles before now in your releases, but what is your favorite?

Celvin X: I like it dark, deep and with driving basses. The track has to take you along and make you dance and I deliberately do without too many, or too long, drops.

How long did the track take from start to finish?

Celvin X: The track “Frequency Curves” went really well. All in all, it was finished after 3 days. I really enjoyed creating an EP for “Amigos Recordings” and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the label for the pleasant cooperation.

Have you played the track out at a gig yet – and how was it received?

Celvin X: The track was very well received by the public during the test period. After a few small changes, it was ready for launch. The feedback from both colleagues and guests was very positive.

Finally, where can we find the track?

Celvin X: You can buy the track and the EP (Amigos 076 or Amigos Box Vol 12) at all known retailers including BeatportJunoiTunesDeezer and Amazon.

Thanks Celvin!

Written by Celvin X

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